Friday, July 10, 2009

-what the pho?

wanna know what makes all the barf memories fade away into the far off distance?
a good dose of asians.
lots and lots of asians.
brooks and i headed to my mecca: lee lee's market
i needed some bok choy and he was running way too low on pocky.
it was exactly what the dr. ordered.

and while we were in the neighborhood we had to get some chicken pho in beef broth from the best restaurant on the planet. because pho makes everything better:

sometimes it's fun feeling enormous.
most of the time it isn't.

and here we are in the backyard again.
but this time with uncle dave, a bag of lychees and enough testicle jokes to earn high fives
in the 7th grade boy's locker room.
it's good to be back.

ps- if you've never been to lee lee's and you live in the east valley of phoenix either:
a) you have been meaning to go
b) we'll never be friends
c) you have some major aversion to
the dead hooker smell


Steve and Shell said...

i love me some PHO! hope their is a lot of sriracha sauce in there!

really cleans out the system, if you know what i mean.

Lucrecia said...

So glad you're feeling well enough to blow dry your hair and get busy with some PHO! :)
Hey tell Jenna she needs to send me an invite to her super exclusive blog. She writes me but I can't write her. Here's my email

Mandy said...

These photos are fantastic.

I love asian food!

Sara said...

That pho looks delicious!

P.S. The dead hooker smell is an acquired taste, I think.

Broadobalds said...

MMMmmmmmm.. Beef broth. I could wash my hair in it.