Wednesday, July 15, 2009

-my happy place

after our beloved 4th of july trip to prescott, i really felt determined to find an awesome antique store in phoenix. after hitting the obvious google searched spots- i finally opened my mouth. i asked the coolest looking, shattered haircut, american apparely, obama-ish waitress i could find.
boy, did that ever pay off.
she sent me to Qcumberz. the greatest antique store in the world.
it's like digging through someone's garage. minus the daddylonglegs and gasoline scented cobwebs. i was there for one hour and i could've stayed for 3 more. and just as i was leaving i found the gigantic room filled with old books. that's going to require a separate trip all together.

i also found this chair. i needed a fixer-upper for an upcoming photoshoot. i absolutely looved the shape of this one. i thought i did a decent job painting but when woke up this morning i realized 3 things:

1.) if i would've sanded better, the paint would not all be sliding off
2.) i'm still the worst painter in the world
3.) i think the chair looks much better- even with the 3rd grader makeover

ps- please forgive me laurel. i know i have domestically sinned.


Mandy said...

Ok.. It looks TONS better and not third grade at all.

I am impressed!

Abbey said...

I think the chair looks great! Good job! :)

Steve and Shell said...

we LOVE cucumber. you should have asked us!

Brittany said...

i've loving your new chair! yellow is such a great color, right? so impressive!

Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

It looks great - I love the stripe with it!

Brown Sugar said...

what I enjoy most about qcumbers are all the high powered fans blowing musty air in your face.