Thursday, July 9, 2009

-a love story

what would the babies do if we both died?
they'd crawl all over us- biting and slobbering away.
they'd say our names over and over again until it became numbing- even to them.
and eventually, they'd crawl off to another room and play/cry/play/cry for 30 minutes.
today was the worst
we found love.

it was one of those evenings into the mornings where brandon and i were tossing and moaning and taking turns at the toilet with some seriously violent non-fun. but in passing, we'd mumble some "are you oks" and "hang in theres" and the much loved damp hand towel.

it's the stuff dreams are made of.
and in the end we survived. and amazingly enough- our kids did too. we were out of it most of the day and they managed to have clean diapers, full bellies and even some outdoor activity in the twilight hour.
i love this freaking family.

orphans for a day

soo happy to be with his dad

who knew the boys could be entertained in the laundry room for so long?
it was better than the zoo.
and i can't lay on the cold tile to watch them play at the zoo.


Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

I hope today goes better. Get well.

Kelly Mo said...

how did you make your pictures so big???

DJCK incorporated said...

sorry to hear that you got what everyone else in the nation has had this spring/summer. Duh. Interesting to see that Brandon is back with the facial hair (or as I call it, the reverse-Hitler look). What a manly beast he is. We miss you guys.

McCain Family said...

I'm so sorry! I hope you are feeling better.

the mama monster said...

yep we went through this a few weeks back. it should be a rule that if you are sick you shouldn't have to take care of kids. my oldest boy who has been potty trained for a year and a half sharted his pants for about two days straight. hope you get better.

Sandy said...

i was going to leave a comment but now i can't stop laughing at the mama monster's comment.
tears flowing laughter!

Steve and Shell said...

brando's soul patch is blowing my mind right now. Steve