Friday, July 3, 2009

-fall is going to be bright

but only because spring was too.
my oh my. i found some rad deals this week.
everything was on sale!
i may end up looking a little crazy but at least it didn't cost much.
for example:

this little dress $6.99 at XXI.
i'll probably spend another $100 on figuring out what to wear with it
but seven bucks is a deal you can't shake a stick at.

green cardigan- $7 old navy.
gray deer shirt- $4 XXI.
teal jeans- $8 XXI.
husband's comment- "wow. that's an interesting combo".

charcoal tunic- $3 XXI
purple zipper jeans- $5.99
these are officially my new favorite pants.
imagine how amazing they're look with baby boogers smeared all over them.

red tie dyed cardigan- $4 XXI
red tie dyed cardigan last spring when i bought it for my sister- $34 XXI
look laurel! now we can be twinners for a fraction of the price!

ps- this week i went and watched dave walk in a runway show for a scottsdale boutique. he looked awesome and not even a little bit gay.

so proud of you and i love you.


Lucrecia said...

Awesome fashion show! Who took those? You have great's so you! And I love that Anna Wintour is your twin ;)

Steve and Shell said...

oh dave. i love it. i love shopping for cheap. can you say SOHO? cause i can!

p.s. we ran into a de la vega store yesterday! i see what you mean, he is bombtastic.

ArizonaLewis said...

lu- my husband works from home now officially. which makes him my in house photographer on demand.

Shells- i loved de la vega and still have these tiny post cards he signed. can't wait to come soho with you!

brian and thera tolman said...
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brian and thera tolman said...

A woman after my own heart! I love bargain shopping and you look amazing in all of them!

Sara said...

From your pictures, it always looks like you're having so much fun no matter what you're doing and I envy that quality!

Phill and Jessica said...

I always knew David should be a model! And if the modeling business becomes slow work, he could always step in as a Zac Efron double.