Thursday, January 28, 2010


i love still being best friends with the girl i pushed off a bench because she had her arms and knees tucked up into her cheer sweater, in front of a couple hundred people, during the football half time show, 16 years ago.
there was nothing to break her fall.
except for her right shoulder.
and maybe her face.
it was the greatest thing i've ever witnessed/played part in.
and worth getting in our one and only fight.
she didn't stay mad for long.
who could?
i was the happiest mustached, hefty 5'9, fellow cheerleader that gave her rides to lunch daily in my 1986 red chrysler laser (with T tops). that's the kinda friend you'll have for life.

love you mariah. thanks for the fun times in ktown. even if i was always toting around a ziploc bag full of skittles and rebelling against my 3D glasses.


Brittany said...

you two are so beautiful!

i know how you feel.
i can't imagine life without my high school ladies. they make me so so happy!

Anonymous said...


Sara said...

Wow, that's a good friend.

I think if I were forced to break my fall with my face, I'd still be a wee bit crabby.

jgalke said...

Ha Ha - I was a hefty 5'9" cheerleader too! Glad to know someone else made that great decision in high school.
P.S. I'm a stranger/blog stalker who wishes I could pull off your short hair do. I love it!

DJCK incorporated said...

I wish I could find the cheerleader picture of you two standing together in your togs as Juniors. I would post it right next to this one and let people see that you two have been gorgeous forever.

Wagars said...

Heather: I remember that scene all too vividly. It is burned into my brain. And yes, it was the only time I have ever been PISSED at you. I have forgiven but I will never forget ... mainly because I still wait for the day that I can push you off of something,in front of a crowd, with nothing to catch your fall. But don't feel bad after all these years. I love you, more than you know. Miss you and can't wait to see you soon!