Thursday, January 21, 2010

-forgive me. i have sinned.

hometown food is the best.
one- because of the fact that i have to pay hundreds of dollars in air travel and can only get it at most 2 times a year and
two- because it tastes like home and takes me back to high school lunch breaks and prom dates.

every time i come home, i try to double up on the work outs to compensate for the shameless gorging but after a couple of days of that bull crap, i give up and enjoy the food comma that follows the guilt-ridden yumfest.

so if my pants are obscenely too tight when i return to phoenix, i have taco johns, burger ranch, hubby's pizza, casa mia, granny's buffet, yoke's bakery, great grandma's candy dish and the neighbor's tamales to thank.

muchos gracias. snort snort.

ps- i don't care where you're from, i'd love to hear about some of your home town favs, so that i don't feel so alone in my growing muffin topness.


Carl said...

mmmmm just the thought of a chicken three cheese pizza from Casa Mia makes my mouth water. Don't forget to hit up Brucchi's while you are there.

valerie said...

biscuits and gravy! Homemade from my momma.

I can't even disclose the amount of butter and bacon grease that goes into the making.

Sara said...

I have places I miss from my undergrad, like The Runcible Spoon, Uptown Cafe, Mother Bear's Pizza, Siam House, Opie Taylor's and Casablanca to name a few.

I gained a lot of weight in undergrad and if someone offered me a job, I would move there in a heartbeat and do it up chunky style all over again.

You're making your home sound delicious. Maybe they'll give me a job...

Jamie said...

What? No Spudnuts?

megan said...

Growing up in Arizona did not offer too many "local" favorites. Most everything was/is a chain. There is one Mexican place, elmer's tacos that has the best bean and cheese burritos with sauce! By far the best hometown meals are made by my mom.

bets-and-erk said...

in college, we always ate at a little pizza place called campus polleyes. they make gigantic chicken and cheese stuffed breadsticks that you have to dip in the best ranch dressing ever. they're world famous :)

my little sister still goes to school there and got my husband and me a pre-baked order for our Christmas gift this year. best. gift. ever.

Liz said...
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Liz said...

Nice! Well... just outside of my hometown, Monroe, MI, is a place called The Pickle Barrel Inn. It's an old farmhouse turned into a small country restaurant where they serve their specialty - battered, deep-fried sliced dill pickles. After living in Chicago for a few years, I remember going home for the holidays and, after my parents picked me up from the train station, they were so excited to introduce me to one of their "new favorite restaurants", they said. Living in Chicago, my taste in food had changed and I was reluctant but.... it was very tasty! Their pork chops and mashed potatoes were just like Mom's and I'm now a huge fan of deep fried pickles! LOL..

Shuggilippo said...

Uh, we had Vito's this three days time. Not to mention Tia Rosa's, Macaroni Grill, and Famous Dave's.

Spandex barely suits me.

Melissa said...

Long time reader, First time commenter-
Your blog is hilarious & I've wanted a reason to say Hi and not feel like such a blog stalker. You just gave it to me, FOOD!
I grew up in Tempe and when ever I go home I die for real mexican food! It's everywhere. You guys don't know how good you have it. Also, Postinos- AMAZING! Even Jamba Juice is an almost daily stop- gotta get my fill.
And I have to laugh at your friend Sarah. She went to IU, huh. Mother Bears pizza is the best in the world! My brother lives in bloomington & we have to eat there every time. I actually plan most of our vacays around what food joints there are!

DJCK incorporated said...

Okay, let's see.....
1. Fiesta restaurant with their awesome shrimp fiesta salad.
2. Granny's buffet with Gma and Gpa well, just because.
3. Casa Mia with Maria instead of the funky little Haong Saigon cafe.
4. Famous Dave's barbeque with a garbage can lid full of food
5. Bonefish Grill with the Wagars.
6. Lonardo's Bakery--we just saw your receipt. Holy cow!
7. Columbia Market, recommended by the only Vietnamese person I know at Hanford. Spicy Beef Pho (which you thought was cat meat) and some Won Ton soup.

I would say you were sucessfully wined and dined. We tried to get into Carmine's.