Friday, January 1, 2010

-sMac down

i'm trying to learn how to use the new mac brandon got me 3 months ago.
it's not going well.
i created a pretty crappy christmas video montage and would post it if i could figure out that damn computer.
he got me free tech support for the rest of my life from some mac expert that lives in phoenix.
i met with the man for 20 minutes and knew that i would never be able to sit in the same room ever again with: him, his 12 cats, his weird dyed sideburns, his everlast work out pants, his disgusting nervous laugh and his sappy love voice with his big dumb creepy boyfriend.
the search is over.
i have found my nemesis.

so here i am with a gorgeous laptop and no idea how to use it (the online mac tutorials don't allow me to ask heather questions- "so, how do i save crap and stuff?")

i'm all about bill gates right now.


Stephanie said...

Dear you,
How about I come down and visit in late Jan-early Feb, and I will teach you all about your mac. :) I can even translate Heather-questions. :D Also, myself and my lovely roommate Jacqui want to go apartment hunting in your area! Deal?

P.S. I hope your holidays were 'amazeballs'... because you're wealthy! :D

Anonymous said...


I just bought a MAC desktop, I hope my transition goes more smoothly, haha!

MSB said...

Continue working with it...I have been in a love affair with Macs since 1998...I will NEVER own a PC.

Kelly Mo said...

I'm sorry to hear the transition isn't going so well for you. We switched to a Mac earlier this year and I LOVE it. I know this doesn't help you much. But, hang in there!

glen and paige said...

I'm having this same problem! Glen bought me a macbook pro for christmas and I can't figure out a dang thing! I swear it took me 30 minutes to post one picture!

Shuggilippo said...


Dear Steve Jobs,

Suck it!

Those of us who grew up on PCs.

Carolyn said...

I completely forgot to call you back! Adam told me when i was a total zombie. I don't know the new macs movie makers though...I've only ever used the i Movie HD.

print out a list/customise your shortcuts, and refer to them often....they are so handy to know right off the bat.

Steph Bowen said...

I told you it's like trying to use your elbows to operate a computer and then one day you figure it out and it's as if your computer grows a beautiful halo and shines from above with God-given spiritual gift of operation sent directly to your brain. Missionaries aren't the only ones who receive gifts!

We love it so much now that we just bought a new one!

Sara said...

I am told Macs are much more user friendly and all that mess, but for some reason, I don't mix well with them.

They make my ass twitch.

I hope you make friends with yours.

megan said...

Macs are so simple that they are difficult for people who know PCs. Just go to the apple store and they will help you out