Monday, January 25, 2010

-katniss and sticky buns.

i am an emotional reader eater.
notice the forming double chin.
it happened with angela's ashes, grapes of wrath, pillars of the earth and the road.
when i read stories where the characters are starving, i feed them. kind of.
i feed me- which makes me feel as though i'm feeding them.
and i feed them well.
katniss and peeta had a daily feast while i was reading the hunger games in kennewick.

enter the greatest pastry shop on the planet:

understated location.
the most incredibly decadent creations from the pastry planet gods.
the treats taste almost as sweet as this boy looks:

i want this little place to succeed.
so here's my glowing stamp of approval- as the unofficial sweets aficionado .
i'm giving it my highest rating on the scale of amazeballs.
that's 5 amazeballs.

1. sweet and tangy berry fruit bar.
2. my pecan sticky bun
3. my mom's pecan sticky bun
4. my dad's pecan sticky bun
(these are really hard to share)
5. a crusty/chewy/buttertastic croissant
6. a coconut macadamia nut bar on....shortbread
7. a warm peach turnover sprinkled with rock sugar
(so warm that the butter between the layers was still melty)


Anonymous said...

that picture makes my mouth water.

Lucrecia said...

Forget the amazeballs pastries! Did you love Hunger Games??? It's seriously in my top 3. I loved Catching Fire. I'm in so much pain right now because Book 3 doesn't come out until bleeping August!

Stephanie said...

You never told us what pastry #7 was. There's an empty place in my heart, that I am unable to fill with that beautiful pastry, because I don't know it's name. haha :) I'm glad you've been enjoying yourself!

Carl said...

Yumyumyum. I have been to this pastry store and it is delicious indeed!

So is Ade.....I want to eat him up!

Love ya!


ahc said...

can it even be better than the french macaroon?
and to think perez stole that word....

the mama monster said...

5 amazeballs? that is a high standard indeed. i have hunger games but haven't started it yet. guess i better get to it.

Sara said...

This bakery is not in my state, is it?

Could you make it be in my state? And could I have your plaid coat while you're at it?

Jamie said...

Lonardo's is full of awesome.

Shuggilippo said...

My hope is that Lew doesn't read that post. He'd go straight into a diabetic coma.

1 Funky Woman said...

Oooh, send some through the computer, please? I am so that kind of reader too. Actually I think when they are scary murder, suspense books I eat because I am nervous and don't know what will happen next. But I don't eat that well!

communikate. said...

Lovely blog.

I'm just reading the Hunger Games as well, and I'm a major emotional eater.

pretty sure we could be friends in real life! :)

brian and thera tolman said...

When did little Ade turn into a five year old? He looks so grown up! So glad you love Hungar Games, Katniss is my hero!