Saturday, January 23, 2010

-suck my diabetes

diabetes blows.
since i've been home in kennewick with PLENTY of spare time, i've logged quite a few hours with my naughty Mac doing research on diabetes.
the disease that runs our home.
brandon's had so many "episodes" this past year and i'm needing some answers.
or support.
or maybe both.

ok- here's the deal.
on top of all the obvious medical stresses, i've been frustrated with brandon for what i thought were all undiabetic reasons:
-super crankiness
-constant lack of energy
-impossible to get out of bed in the morning
-rarely in a good mood in the morning
-lack of excitement
-refusal to grow his hair out

these, for the most part, are all symptoms that fellow Type 1 users experience.
so does this mean my cute little boyfriend that i met in a sociology class at UVSC 12 years ago that use to jump out of bed with a "cease the day" attitude is still in that body bound by the relentless disease?

yes!! i think so!! and i'm going to get to the bottom of it.
first thing to research: The Guardian Real Time Glucose Monitoring System.
will his insurance cover it?
will it actually help level out his highs and lows (unlike the pump)?
will he see how thick and amazing his dark hair is and try a longer style for a change?

all things to look into starting monday.
wish us luck.
i'm ready to scissor kick this thing in the knee cap.

ps- i'm dying to get to know ANYONE married to a diabetic.
if you are one, or know of someone, please let me know.

pps- don't you think 25 years with the same haircut is way too long?


Sandy said...

i don't live with diabetes, but i do live with another struggle of sorts. it's so difficult, but you sound like a fierce challenger.
and yes, i do think that's a little long for a haircut. no excuse for that one.

Sara said...

I'm pretty sure you will single-handedly kick diabetes in the ha-ha, taking it down forever.

If the haircut we're talking about is yours, then no. You may have that haircut as long as you live because it looks pretty foxy on you. Plus, I'm jealous that you look so good with such short hair.

If it's someone else we're discussing, then probably.

brian and thera tolman said...

If anyone can beat the sh** out of it, you can! My cousin in Utah has Type 1 also and is about the same age...I will get in contact with her. We give you guys alkaline water to start drinking also, it's supposed to be really good for diabetes.

I agree that Brandon should grow his hair out...25 years is way to long. And that is an amazing head of hair.

Anonymous said...

wow, I had no idea! well, the best of luck to you!

Sarah said...

So my first comment was a while back when you posted about Brandon's diabetes before, but your shout out to know other chicks with diabetic spouses means I'm back :) My man was diagnosed almost two years ago right before he turned 30 with Type 1. All those symptoms you listed - those were the exact things Z was showing and I had the same reactions. I felt frustrated, hopeless, sad - how could this man who I loved and LOVES life be so lethargic and apathetic? It wasn't until after he was unexpectedly diagnosed that I realized those were side effects of "the 'betes" (as we derogatorily call it around our house). And now I know what to be on the lookout for. Would love to connect and hear what you've dug up!

Shuggilippo said...

My sister, Sandi's husband is diabetic and I *think* has the new monitor you speak of and if it's the same one, my goodness it's a heaven send compared to the pump.

Check out her blog to get in touch with her


ArizonaLewis said...

thanks so much for the continual support and i apologize if my blog starts to bend towards the diabetes for a while.
i don't apologize.
it's my blog about my life.
i'm going to blog about whatever i want.

double yippee for finding fellow "diabetty's". we will be in touch.
sarah- how do we get in touch?
jess- thanks for the referral!

Priscilla said...

I'm starting to think that Colton is a diabetic! Can I pump him? Hev... Sorry for your hard times!Just remember you are amazing and this too shall pass! Love ya!

Jeanette said...

Heather, It's Jeanette Fransen. I know of something that may help him. It is from Germany I think. Anyway tit is not to $$. I think Tiff may have Nick's email if you are interested. Good Luck.