Monday, January 18, 2010

-super busy

kennewick is not boring.
not at all.
this morning my mom and i took the boys on a walk to see if the big black cow had it's baby yet.
not yet.
on our way home we picked up writhing waterlogged worms and tossed them back into the grass.
we yelled at big black ravens- telling them exactly where the worms were. just in case they were hungry.
we balanced on the yellow dividing lines in the road, being careful not to fall into the hot lava.
we shopped around target for new duplos and a pair of tights.
we ran into my childhood best friend and indiscreetly checked out her tall beautiful children.
we got corn dogs and big "pops" from the new sonic.
we drove around the hills scoping out tomorrow's morning run.
we drove around some more until the boys fell asleep.
we laid around the living room talking about what i should obsess about next in life.
we played with previously mentioned duplos.
we watched great grandma eat sweet soup.
and we haven't even gotten to the good stuff yet.
tonight we're going to granny's buffet and then to chuck e cheese's to play.
how will we ever manage to fit it all in?
i love it here.


Sara said...

I want to know what ideas came up in the brainstorming for your next obsession.

Brandon and Calley said...

Glad to know someone else enjoys the slow life too :)

Anonymous said...

aww! I am glad you are having funnn!

so my bro is trying to convince his wife to move to AZ so I might actually be in the state lol.

I cant stay there tho, unfortunately, i love the rain.... and the AZ climate is too much like Iraq lol.

Carl said...

Wait you didn't eat any of the sweet soup?