Tuesday, January 26, 2010

-great gobs of goose shpoop!

every time i plan a trip home with the boys, i do it with the idea that brandon will stay home and work on all the projects he has that he complains he can never get to with all of us around.

and every time i plan a trip home with the boys, he ends up inviting himself and coming anyways.
he says it because he can't stand being without us for that long.
i think it's because he loves feeding the geese, ducks and seagulls at the duck pond.

my dad's a pro poultry feeder.
he makes sure everyone gets their fill and yells at the ones that don't play nice.
it's kinda my favorite thing to watch.

ps- although TOTALLY worth it- anyone got any suggestions for getting poop off my lamby boots?


Anonymous said...

UGG has a suede cleaner that should be aable to work!

Carl said...

Maybe you could try throwing them in a fire and putting that ugly trend out of its mercy.

ArizonaLewis said...

that is the greatest comment ever left.
i agree, these boots are the most amazing and disgusting things i own.
which is why they're only worn out of the home to get the mail and feed ducks.

Sara said...

Geese make me nervous. They're mean and they hiss. You should take one home and eat it.

DJCK incorporated said...

By the way, that sexy red extended cab truck in the background...oh yes, it is mine. And the defroster actually clears the windshield (no more wiping with a dishtowel while driving to the vanpool)

shanna said...

Hey Heather! We got your message, sounds like a lot of fun! Too bad I already committed to attending a work party that night. Boo! We'll have to get together some other time though- we miss you guys!

Priscilla said...

alright that's it, I'm adopting your Dad too!