Tuesday, October 12, 2010

- bawling my face off!

soooo much has been happening in these parts but i'm not going to talk about it in fear of jinxing it.
i still hold to my 7 year old "jinx avoidance" practices.
i'm taking a lot of pictures. i just keep running out of time to post them.
but i had to post these of the wilde girls' baptism.
i love little girls.
don't get confused when you see several sets of parents with each girl.
it's just them with their godparents.
i have had to explain this to brandon every time he watches it. and he even knows the parents very well.

Untitled from heather Lewis on Vimeo.

music "my darling" by ryan tanner.

ps- don't worry meghan. the images aren't this blurry. vimeo messed with their quality.


LuLu said...

That picture of the 3 white dresses hanging up stabs at my heart. A lot.

Bre said...

The song is "My Darling" by Ryan Tanner... it's on the Baby Mine CD... Cute girls!

McCain Family said...

This is very sweet. So beautiful!

megan said...

Shut up! "My Darling" was my song for Catcher, the Wilco version though. Crazy.

p.s. beautiful pictures

Britt Hunter said...

You never cease to amaze. I love how you pick the perfect music everytime. Is it weird that I don't even know this family and I cried anyway?

Wagars said...

Really amazing Hev! Such beautiful girls.