Sunday, October 3, 2010

-this one's for daddy, gma and gpa mccain, steve and phoebs

brooks is in preschool this year.
jewish preschool.
it just so happens to be the closest and greatest school in the area.
and i feel every child benefits from making their own shofar, torrah and sukkah before the age of 4.
my mormon baby is learning hebrew but thinks it's all spanish jibberish.
lew and i laugh our gentile heads off when the boys dance around the kitchen singing
"shabbot shabbot hey! shabbot shalom hey!"

speaking of dancing boys-
these 2 are the pride and joy of our life.
they are also the biggest time and soul suckers on the planet.
hello heather.
are you still in there?

who cares anyways right?
this is my life.
and what a blessed one it is.
mazel tov!


Jessica said...

it's beautiful and inspiring to see your love for your kiddos. makes me think i might survive motherhood one day. and jewish preschools rule.

A and C said...

brooks makes the most awesome faces! Miss you guys

Soilsqueezer said...

Our kids atended a Luthern Preschool but it was, by all accounts, the best preschool in the area. At least your kids are getting some culture at the same time.

McCain Family said...

I love those kids. The pictures are awesome.
We miss you, too!

Carl said...

I wonder what religion Hayden's preschool will be when she starts going, seeing as there are sooooo many options here in Utah county.