Thursday, October 28, 2010

-vanity sucks

dear me,
i know you feel super ugly everyday living through the weird, stringy, undefined stages of growing out your hair but hang in there sister. there are only 2 styles that you look good in- short and long. the rest of it will make you feel like a filthy piece of bluh but you were hellbent on chopping 13 inches off last year and now you need to live with that rash decision.

you're a year in.
one more to go until you're back on that self-esteem super hair expressway.
and yes, it's ok to pull it back everyday.
and no, it's not ok to talk yourself into chopping bangs just to mix things up.
growing out your hair is the great humbler and you're somehow growing on the inside too.

i know it doesn't help to have pure silver regrowth but it's just an "illusion" of female pattern baldness- not the real deal. and what's so bad about having to retouch your roots every TWO AND A HALF WEEKS? i'm sure lot's of girls would love to endure that chemical high bi-weekly too. (brain cells are so early 2000's anyways).

now remember me, looking at pictures like the one posted below will only cause you more pain. yes, we loooove short hair. but we looooove long hair better. and so does our husband. (not sure why i just started speaking to myself in plural). so resist heather. resist and resist.


ps- if the length of my hair really effects my mood so dramatically, does this make me a boring person?

with fellow hair grower outer- audrey


megan said...

just so you know you are the reason I cut my hair short. however, now that it is short I want it long again. shoot.

Wagars said...

Thank you. Thank you for the pep talk. I know it wasn't directed at me, but my heart grew six inches today. As you know, we are simultaneously growing out our hair (although according to you, I'm winning. Which is not unusual because I win at everything). I too feel the scragliness, dried out ends, and blahness of mid-length hair. I even contemplated bangs too! But after today, I am pretty sure I am going to make it to the end! So, thank you BFF. You're the best.
PS. Our rash decision to chop off our hair is to be blamed on 9 months of hellmornes from being with child. Not our fault.

tharker said...

I found you through Kristie at Blushing Basics.

a.) I too am from the Tri (Cities, that is)

b.) I too am in the throws of growing out my hair. I've had short hair for SIX...oh crap...SEVEN years and finally decided last year to grow it out. I loathe this stage. It's ugly hair at it's worst. Yep, I'm vain too.

So glad Kristie linked to you today!

ahc said...
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ahc said...

kind of a stellar pic.
a lesbian love gaze.

shanna said...

What a great day for me to read your blog! I too have been growing my hair out for the last year and I'm so ready to call it quits and chop it. You've motivated me to recommit. We can do this!

Mazeratie said...

It does not make you a boring person. I had semi short poodle bush hair for about 3 and 1/2 seconds and hid in a corner till it was over.

Growing out cuts - particularly those that you do yourself in the bathroom with dull scissors - is hard.