Tuesday, October 5, 2010

-fall fashion 2010

it was rainy today and that just put me in the mood.
this summer i've been collecting separates for my fall wardrobe.
i've studied rachel bilson, folded pages in instyle, elle, glamour and vogue and frequented the fine malls of maricopa county.
i looked for the nautical inspired, the classic olive cargo, the studded camel wedges and of course- the skinny jeans. i was on a reallllllly tight budget but with a little creativity, research and some patience- i think i got everything.
here's a preview of what i've come up with:

fall fashion 2010 from heather Lewis on Vimeo.

music by MIA- provided by my music sensai audrey h. call.

all of my clothes and shoes were found at XXI, H&M, Last Chance, JCPenney, Aldo and a belt from Anthropologie. (and that black blazer was $19.99 at walmart).


Rachel said...

that was totally rad!!! inspired me to go get a fall wardrobe although hiring you as a personal shopper is a much better fantasy. and props to you for making that video with the diaper dudes

ahc said...

that was stellar. just what i needed.
nash sat with me and sang, "whose in town", and when it was over he said, "do that again, mom".

Taylor Morgan said...

okay first of all you are the cutest mom ever! and second, I loved ALL your clothes! adorable and so inspiring! and I love that you got all of them for a good price! love it.

-Taylor Morgan

JoEllen said...

Loved it! I totally need you to come over and be my fall fashionista...and to tell me what to do with my hair while you're at it =)

glen, paige, & baby preston said...

Heather..... can you come up with a fall wardrobe for a chubby, nursing mother?! Now that is a doozy! Everything looks great on a skinny, hot bod like yours! Love your style, love the video, and love those two diaper cuties!

Jessica said...

What a relief to have renounced my closet stalking of your blog, so that I can now post freely! Such glee! Big smiles.

Britt Hunter said...

Did the boys get anything or will they be forced to wear diapers/underwear all fall? They may get cold. ;)

Shuggilippo said...

Alright, I've picked myself off the ground from the overwhelming laughter and MY GOOSES woman! Way to go on the outfits (yum...inspired) and the ultimate achievement of being the damned cutest mommy in the world. That cute that Brooks and Ade are sporting, is taught. Totally by mom. Because mom has to have a couple screws loose and a zest for being a goofball to pull off adorable children. It's a science really. I developed it myself.

'Scuse my while I pop some Lexapro.

LuLu said...

Whoa Heather! You are one delish fashion plate! Work it girl :) Can you make another video that is specifically for ladies who only get out to the grocery store and the elementry school? ;-)

Meghan and Trevor said...

Seriously, where do you find the time? So fun! Thanks for the show

Wagars said...


Carrie said...

Okay. That was AWESOME. I loved it! And I have to tell you I was having SUCH a cruddy day yesterday with some news about work and I open up Arizona Lewis and you completely MADE my day! I love your purchases. And those cute boys are great accessories.

ArizonaLewis said...

thanks for all of the fun comments.
i was mostly thinking my dorkfest would be a turnoff.

rachel- i would loooove to shop for you. spending other people's money on their wardrobe is probably my favorite thing- next to swimming with horses. i'm serious. let's do it.

aud- tell nasher i'll give him a live performance any day from the top of the playground at the park.

taylor- first of all- i found YOUR blog and saw that you're a wedding dress designer. ! can we trade lives?

joellen- you need no help. and it's funny you're asking for help on your hair from a woman that sports a sumo wrestler loop bun 6 and a half days a week.

paige- thanks for always being sooooo sweet. we need to hang out and shop- but mostly so i can eat your baby.

jessica- i love your comments. stalking is just another stress we add to our lives. the freedom is priceless. maybe you should start a 12 step program. ps- i love your face.

britt- i'll have you know i dressed those boys 3 times that day. but the lemon icey's, belly flops in the rain puddles and poopy/pee pants won.

jess- that's probably my favorite comment anyone's ever left me. thanks for making my life. i'm ready for your close up.

lu- you mean you don't wear 6 inch heels to the grocery story? the things we miss in this virtual bff life we live............

meghan- what else should i be doing? i'm not as efficient in life as you. have you already wrapped xmas presents? :)

fri- 13% body fat. that's right snatch. tell all of your friends.

carrie- no more bad days at work. here's the secret- get married, get knocked up, twice, get really bored, lose your sense of self, look for it through the lens of a nikon, make videos that will surely humiliate your children in the future and then go drink some dandelion root tea because you thought it was a great idea to quit drinking caffeine this month. DOY!!

McCain Family said...

Yes, yes that was absolutely amazing. So fun.
I love those boys too, diapers and all! :)

Steph Bowen said...

I kinda think that made my day. Mainly it was your moves that hypnotized me with their awesomeness.

brian and thera tolman said...

OMG your body is rockin girl! Eating weeds is completely working for you
Nice finds on the wardrobe, although you could wear a garbage bag and make it work

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

this is amazing :)! LOVE IT!