Tuesday, October 19, 2010

-click, click, click

it wasn't 90 degrees today.
i'm starting to fall back in like with arizona.
our relationship is on the mend- and with the forecasted thunderstorms coming tomorrow, we may be getting back together again.
because cooler weather makes for a happier, less sweaty, better animal sound making photographer.
which is better for business.
i'll post the videos on my photo blog soon.
but not before i finish playing with the lightening mcqueen carwash we scored at target today.
ps- brandon told me that i buy toys for myself more than for the boys.
pps- he's totes right.


Wagars said...

1. You do buy toys for yourself. Case in point - zhu zhu retard toys.
2. That is the prettiest tweener girl ever.
3. I love the pic of the little girl with her leg pointed in and her finger out. So cute.

kristie said...

hey girl, your blog is great. i was recently referred to it by a fellow former Kennewickian.

loved your video for fall fashion. is there anyway i could possibly share/link to it from my blog?

Shauna said...

I feel famous. I love.love.love. our pictures, thank you!!

kristie said...

THANK YOU! i plan on using the video next friday :)

i recognize your brother's name but i don't think we knew each other. i'm guessing we probably went to different schools.

thanks again,