Wednesday, October 13, 2010

-month 10

we love october.
decorating the house, brooks's birthday, halloween books from the library, pumpkin flavored everything and the brisk 98 degree weather.

oh yeah-
and grandma mccain sent some SWEET spooktastic pillow cases!
(come on everybody! grab your new pillows and come pose for a picture for my blog.
seriously heather? you don't have anything else to write about?
i'm FREAKING stressed out right now and if you don't sit down and smile i swear i'm going to have a melt down right now and you'll have to pick up the pieces.
boys- let's smile for mom's camera.)

ps- watching the boys eat on divided trays with candles and chubby crossed feet is my new favorite part of the day.


LuLu said...

Your house is beautiful! You need to post a tour of your home. Like today!

Shuggilippo said...

You know that orange couch in the front room is my FAVORITE, most coveted piece of furniture in your whole house...right? Well it is. If I could make little baby loveseats or miniature wingback chairs with it, I totally would. They'd be really velvet-y.

McCain Family said...

You're funny Hev! I'm sorry you are stressed though, but that did make for funny commentary. Thanks for sharing it with us:) We love you and October, too!