Friday, October 15, 2010


let's make a list of ways you'll know i'm mad at you if you're my spouse:
1. i'll wear my sock monkey pj's to bed
2. i'll rent barbara steisand movies to watch. alone. in bed. wearing previously mentioned jammers.
3. i'll cook only 2 (rather than the usual 3) options every meal. so you can either have mac and cheese with the boys or some of my swiss chard and stewed tomato soup.
4. i'll stop sending you "fun" MMS texts during the day.
5. i'll pick up a book from another tween series borrowed from my 8th grade babysitter in the middle of our conversations.
6. i'll eat the rest of the brownies.
7. i'll send the boys in to tickle you when you fail to respond to your alarm clock for an hour straight.
8. i'll blog about stupid lists like this

good thing i think you're the cutest thing on the planet.
cuteness gets you very far in this house.


DJCK incorporated said...

Good luck with this list, B. When you're mad, don't give it away by raising your eyebrows when you're explaining the injustice. Because then, the focus of what you are saying will shift to the position of your eyebrows. Believe me, I know this.

ArizonaLewis said...

are you......talking to me?
are you me? talking to me?

Jennifer said...

Ooooh I remember the days of trying to wake him up! He can sleep through anything! Did you ever hear his alarm clock from Jerusalem?!

Sara said...

Do your sock monkey pjs have feet?

Then there's almost no way in.

I'm just saying, if you guys ever get into another fight, that's like an extra slap in the face.

MaryPosa said...

I've been quietly stalking your blog for a little while (which I found via teamBoo) But I needed to say that this post is my favorite thing today. Not that I delight in people being mad at other people or anything, I just found it to be particularly amusing. (I like it.)