Tuesday, October 26, 2010

-i want a little girl very badly

i'm just not quite ready to be pregnant again.
this sweet little pickle made me cry.
why am i always crying these days?
i promise i'm not pregnant- i'm just really loving my little models lately.

Little Bailey from heather Lewis on Vimeo.

song from the Baby Mine soundtrack available at Deseret Book.


LuLu said...

Hey, what up with the no comments allowed on your detox post?? I think that's pretty amazing. I'm pretty sure that my body needs a reset but I don't have the balls to do what you did. Good for you!
And yes, you do need a girl suuuuper bad. And so does Brandon. But don't be sad when she loves Brandon more than you. It's a daddy daughter thing ;-)

A and C said...

These are great heather! I hope you can come up and do our little one next year. That would be so great!

McCain Family said...

Seriously, you are killing me over here. I cry at all of your videos. I'm a sap!
She is beautiful.