Wednesday, September 30, 2009

-yep. whatever.

nothing like "easing" back into the dramatically abandoned blog world with a half naked post and 1,000 pictures.
life is good.
and so are my friends.
and so are the 5lbs i gained from 4 days of cheese and lardtillas.
it's good to be back.

let's start off the weekend with a completely overexposed picture that would've been freaking amazing. scratch that. we are so bright in this picture out of excitement, lack of cheese and because brandon took the wheel with the nikon. we'll darken up by the end of this post.
in so many ways. i swear.

this was tiff all weekend.
looking 12 years old. i laugh every time i look at this picture.

don't worry. jenna found her cullen shades within 5 minutes of getting out of the car.

sometimes there aren't enough words.
is it uncomfortable that i'm too comfortable with these uncomfortably comfortable mexican men?

that hat really was the 9th member of this trip.

in conclusion:
priscilla is the best dad on the planet,
shakira makes me howl,
the dirtier the floor tiles, the better the taco,
there are too few sunning hours in one day,
sleeping in is over rated,
giving a mexican man a boki draws a crowd,
speaking in abbrevs saves you time during the day,
any setting is the perfect setting for a dance party,
quiche travels well,
sand tastes like sand,
jellyfish swarm,
diet pepsi tastes best before 8am,
a driver can be compensated with marshmallows on a stick,
playlists from the 90's are a must,
besties are the besties.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


so, before i drop any more followers due to girl kissing and bikini photos, i thought i'd better leave my blog with a spice-free picture for the days i'll be away from the computer.
heading back down to mexico.
for 4 days.
with no babies.
see ya monday.
if i ever come back.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

-real men use a curling iron

so, here i am, doing my typical weekend thing in scottsdale...........
oh wait. you don't recognize me in the picture above?
well- that's me.
maybe it's the angle?
ohhhhhhhhh! not the freaking glamazon in the swimsuit- the one making the flash in the mirror!
see me in the upper left corner? yes, that's my bony elbow.

and that's about all you'll see of me in this post.
i went to check out the runway show put on by Toni and Guy for a couple of reasons.
1. i reallllly need to practice shooting in the no light- i mean low light settings.
2. i love good hair.
3. i love all kinds of fashion
4. i support the odd and starving.
and 5. little brother dave was strutting his stuff again. (look- there i am again!)

and after the show, i weaseled my way into the shoot happening in the back meat locker.
i was like britney spears at a rocket dog kiosk. it was the greatest thing ever.
if given permission, i'll post the REAL pictures and video pierre price and j.d. smith took.

way to go dave. again.
next stop- phoenix fashion week.
woot woot.

i randomly hung out with these marines there to support girlfriends
(leaving again for Afghanistan in a couple weeks)

"one of these things is not like the others"
kind of amazing to be the only non tanorexic in a swimsuit runway show.
more power to ya sexy

-when the going gets tough, the tough wear heels

last week was a rough one for me and some of the besties.
there really is something about putting on some high heels, lip gloss and eyeliner that seems to make the stress fade out a bit.
for me at least.
we all have our releases i guess.

i'm sure it was not intended to be but i took the
"wtf! are you guys a basketball team or something?" comment
to be a compliment. thanks grease ball.

here pris- a picture to add to the new blog.
let me know if you want me to add a link right
it'll only cost you $150.

thanks girlies.
i love you both more than young penniless marines, snotty girls in XXI sundresses and
a caravan of escalades.

Monday, September 21, 2009

-PV is for lovers and pretty people

meet dean, jonelle, breana & brody.
they are the most beautiful family on the planet.
and they're not bad looking either.
i. love. them.
click here for more of the "engaged" family

ps- I am booking a childrenless photo trip to Utah October16-18.

pps- I need to buy the tickets before Thursday.

ppps- I would love to take some photos while I'm there.

pppps- email me if you're interested in prices and filling one of my spots.

ppppps- I'm thinking I can only fit in 4 spots.


Sunday, September 20, 2009


thanks sara.
i feel so validated for the hours i've spent sitting in this purple office chair.
it's a blogging award that made me feel like tee eye tee ess.

now, here's 10 honest things about me:
1. i have a nasty std.
2. my first open mouth kiss was with my uncle
3. i have this mysterious irritated bump on my............... what?
oh, not that honest?
i see.
let's try this all again.

1. i haven't eaten a real meal in 3 months.
2. i'm a stomach sleeper- even though it gives my face sheet marks all day.
3. i prefer baths. even when i shower, i end up laying on the floor.
4. i jump and touch nearly every door frame i walk through.
5. i hate the learning curve.
6. i suck at bike riding.
7. i prefer for my friends to be a little bit crazy.
8. i hate road trips.
9. i want to be japanese.
10.i have the most amazing little brothers on the planet.

i'd like to share the love and present this to:
nathanael and
mama monster

some of my lovely new blog friends.

Friday, September 18, 2009

-owning it.

here's a couple of cute sleeping baby pictures for grandma and grandpa in kennewick.
you're welcome.

i have big ears.
i use to be so shy and nervous about people seeing my ears.
i've noticed- in editing this last shoot i did with my brother- that not only were my ears out,
i was practically flaunting them.
have i really come to that point in my life?
i'm 31 years old, i have big ears (the one featured above even has a bit of a point) and i love them.
own it.
i'm asking for comments featuring your perfect flaws.
no, i'm taking it further.
this is an official tag- to anyone ready for this stage of life.
i wanna see it and read about it on your site.
leave a comment when you've completed this assignment.
i hope we get some inverted nipple posts.

ps- my sister better comply. check here to see if she does.
pps- she doesn't have inverted nipples.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

-super model documentary hour

this is steph.
she's going to chicago this weekend and needed help packing.

these are 2 huge caffeinated beverages- completely necessary for such an early morning creative emergency:

this is the closet in question:

super-packer arizona lewis is here!!

here's what we came up with for an amazing fall weekend getaway with hubby in chi-town, minus the baby. i was really having scarf envy. which is why she's OVERLOADED with scarves for this trip.
jealous. :(

and now look who's happy again!
so sexy.

i know this is a weird hobby but i LOVE packing/dressing other people with their own clothes (and maybe a couple of my items sprinkled in too). it's like barbies for big girls- minus the nipple-less boobies and bad matted bathtub hair.
thanks for the extra helping of pick me up steph.
and your welcome for the freaking disaster my boys left behind.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

-bent over in phoenix

so. sometimes when life hands you lemons, you stomp on those jerks until you get some super dirty sour juice. then you funnel it into a glass pitcher, add a cup of sugar and strain the grains of sand and cig butts through your teeth as you gulp down that stupid lemonade.
then, you call your mother- regain a grasp of reality- and move forward.
and like always, getting out of the house is the best lemon stomping coping skill i've got.
so we headed to the phoenix science center.

it just so happened to be the week between the AMAZING Legos exhibit and the SUPER RAD Robots exhibit. And although there were interesting close ups of head lice and floating astronauts, i felt my boys were still a bit too young for this quiet, heavy reading display filled museum. it cost me $12 bucks to get in, $12 bucks for parking and all of that for about an hour of me wandering around with these crazy babies, wracking my brain for something clever to blog about. (that's 40 cents a minute BTW)

here's a couple of attempts:
brooks really tried to love the aerodynamics display but his eyes were too dry to focus on learning.

brooks and ade found the one thing to climb on.
and so did every other non-reading active child in the building. apparently.

brooks played with this thing about facial emotions or something.
this picture is just really all about brooks's hair.
it's so big and awesome.
i think it needs it's own social security number.
i love it most.

these were actually kind of cool.
click on them to enlarge and count all of the asian fannies if you'd like.

this day was not a complete loss.
i FINALLY went to City Bakery.
(thanks aud for the recommendation- again).
my goodness, the food was so worth the $22 bill. (we're up to $46 now. geez).

we sat, didn't talk about science and ate things that were caramelized, toasted or freshly squeezed.

and as a side dish, i ordered an extra helping of cheekbone.
this guy had enough cheekbone for all of phoenix.
that, plus the fact that he makes a mean grilled cheese may make him the most desirable man in AZ.
this week's going to be better. i promise.